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    Detailed oriented IT professional with extensive experience and proven expertise in fast-paced environments and systems. Highly analytical and goal driven, top quality performer in programming, troubleshooting and user support with knowledge of multiple platforms, applications and tools.


    Adrian Karmel

    #312-24 The Links Rd.· North York · Toronto · M2P 1T6

    Detailed oriented IT professional with extensive experience and proven expertise in fast-paced environments and systems. Highly analytical and goal driven, top quality performer in programming, troubleshooting and user support with knowledge of multiple platforms, applications and tools.

    Java, PHP, T-SQL, SQL, SSRS, Power BI, JavaScript, HTML, CSS,, Tessitura, Artifax, Infomaker 10.5.1
    MS SQL Server 2016/2012/2008 R2/2005, MySQL, Oracle (8.x/7.x), Ms Access
    Operating Systems
    Window/Windows Server, Linux, VMWare, Hyper-V
    Technologies and Tools
    Servlets, JSPs, Hibernate, Apache, Tomcat, IIS, JQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap, Eclipse

    Software Developer

    Young Centre for the Performing Arts (2018)


    Redesigned Young Centre and Soulpepper websites to make them mobile friendly.

    Maintained, created and Implemented custom reports, using SQL, SSRS for different departments.

    Analyzed, upgraded and maintained SQL Server database used for Ticketing, Fundraising, Marketing and Financial purposes.

    Developed and maintained Functions and Stored Procedures in T-SQL.

    Software Developer

    Tennis Canada (2016-2017)


    Maintained and developed Rogers cup ticketing web site using web API, PHP, SQL Server, Ajax, JQuery, Dojo, Bootstrap, HTML and CSS.

    Maintained and updated ticket data loading procedures between SQL server and MySQL databases in C# functions and web services during Rogers Cup tournament in Toronto and Montreal stadiums.

    Maintained, created and update functions and procedures for Rogers Cup Accreditation System.

    Maintained, updated and developed Scanning Ticketing system for Rogers Cup Toronto and Montreal, and York University Convocation in C#, MS SQL and MySQL databases.

    Led accreditation system, ticket scanner and ticketing website operations assisting users in coordination with other departments.

    Maintained, created and developed new function on TPA Canada web site / in Drupal, PHP and MySQL.





    (408) 925-9007

    Created procedures and queries for Data Migration between Tessitura and Ticket Master System.

    Analyzed, developed and maintained SSIS packages and SSRS reports to Tessitura Ticketing system for different departments and corporate partners.

    Created dashboard reports for directors using Google Analytics, SQL Server and Power BI.

    Performed DBA/maintenance tasks to optimize Tessitura and related applications.

    Updated configuration files and parameters for each tournament and city according to new business rules from ticketing system.

    Implemented new self-serve “select your own seat” SVG SOAP Web API.

    Redesigned Toronto and Montreal web sites to make them mobile friendly.

    Documented procedures related to Tessitura functions and databases.

    Software Developer

    Harbourfront Centre (2009-2016)


    Played multifaceted role with different departments such as Finance, Box Office, Development Fundraising and Power Plant spanning requirements elicitation, design and implementation of data management solutions, facilitation, coordination and planning.

    Designed and implemented data loading web application, in java Hibernate, JSPs, Servlet, SQL queries and Stored Procedures, JavaScript, HTML following MVC framework, to parse input files (e.g. CSV) and load them in SQl Server Ticketing System database.

    Developed consolidated multi-department solution for managing information of visitors to Harbourfront Centre facilities. Solution implemented with JSPs, Servlets and JavaScript and integrated with company’s main SQL server database via two separate web interfaces: registration and administration.

    Developed and maintained Tessitura and Artifax crm systems custom screens and reports in SSRS and Infomaker for artist engagement contracts (payments, contract agreements, artists managers, show dates, travel arrangements) and final receipts (summer camps, school visits, YQ productions).

    Developed and maintained SSRS and Infomaker reports providing financial summaries to Board of Directors, transactions by credit card for multiple departments (Box Office, Education, Power Plant), and tax receipts for donors.

    Developed Data Report Centre, intranet portal providing access to multiple reports including dates, locations and detailed setup requirements of festival events (current and future), staff schedule by festival and location, and assignments calendar.Portal developed with JSPs, Servlet, JavaScript, HTML and complex SQL queries following the MVC framework.

    Coordinated software upgrade efforts for new versions of Tessitura CRM System such as research, impact assessment, planning test strategy and production deployment.

    Lead and trained co-op computers programmers and coordinated/monitored their development tasks.

    Software Developer

    The National Ballet of Canada (2008)


    Developed Electronic Ticket application integrated with Tessitura. This application creates and sends email notifications with tickets for ballet performances in PDF format.

    Technology Utilized: T-SQL, SQL, Java, JSP, Servlet, JavaMail, iText (for PDF manipulation). Eclipse, Java Script, XML, MS SQL Server 2005 and Tessitura Web API.

    Software Developer

    The User Advocate Group, (2007)

    Developed website front-end and back-end tools to administer merchandise, books, authors, publishers and menu options, user, roles and task.

    Analyzed, created and maintained web site database.

    Technology Utilized: PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax and MySQL.

    Software Developer

    Bank of Columbia S.A., Argentina (2004-2005)

    Developed and maintained solution for legal department, including document management and reports.

    Developed customer’s account balance and customer statement reports for Automated Teller Machines to maximize customer service by accelerating transaction process in user-friendly environment.

    Maintained client intranet system.

    Technology Utilized: PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Visual Basic 6.0, MySql, PL/SQL, and Oracle.

    Software Developer

    Telefónica de Argentina S.A., Argentina, (2003-2004)


    Improved company-wide infrastructure.

    Defined testing polices for invoicing solution.

    Maintained long distance sales module for home phone service.

    Technology Utilized: Vantive CRM, VBScript, PL/SQL, Oracle.

    Software Developer

    Telecom Argentina S.A., Argentina, (2000-2002)


    Customized help desk system with more than 200 users.

    Analysed and developed Vantive (PeopleSoft) modules according to requirements.

    Developed technical documentation and user manual.

    Analysed and developed solution for Project Management Office (PMO).

    Technology Utilized: Vantive CRM, Visual Basic, Oracle, PL/SQL, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, Actuate Developer.

    Web Component Development with Java Technology – Ryerson University, Canada Advanced Java – Ryerson University, Canada.

    Software Languages Courses: PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Java – CADIA Institute, Argentina.

    System Analyst, ORT “Nathan Gould” Institute of Technology, Argentina.

    Reference available upon request


    Select Your Own Seat

    This project parsed a xml file and retrieves information and generates a select your own Seat(s) map.
    Tools: XML, JSP, SVG, JQuery, Bootstrap, Eclipse
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    Book Store Online

    This project shows the completed e-commers shopping card process by starting to put a book in your cart,to then register yourself and pay for the book you like.

    Tools: Servlet, JSP, MySQL, JQuery, Bootstrap, Eclipse

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    Adding Customer and Workers to a Moving company, are allowed to pull out reports that shows the accumulated hours and money during a specict period of time for every job.

    Tools: Spring, Hibernate, Servlet, JSP, MySQL, JQuery, Bootstrap, Eclipse

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    FIFA World Cup Fixture

    The FIFA World Cup Fixture project had been made just for fun to show results during the fifa word cup and tesing new technology for learning purposes.
    Tools: JSP, JQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Eclipse
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    Apart from being a Software Developer, During the warmer months here in Toronto, I enjoy being outdoors and I like to run and bike riding. During the winter days,

    When forced indoors, I am an aspiring amateur chef for the familiy and friends and my specialities are everything releated with flour such as pizza, pasta and bread.


    Adrian Karmel

    #312-24 The Links Rd.· North York · Toronto · M2P 1T6